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03/02/2018, 1:54 PM
FYI: New PR at Motivation: JsonIter has a nice API, has lazy evaluation, and is faster than most other JSON libs. (See benchmarks at I could simply add JsonIter to my project and use it, but then Http4K lib itself would still use another JSON lib, so I would end up having 2 JSON library dependencies. By having a JsonIter module, I can have only 1 JSON dependency, and as an added bonus, Http4K will use a faster JSON library 😉
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Build file '/home/travis/build/http4k/http4k/build.gradle' line: 189
* What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating root project 'http4k'.
> Project with path ':http4k-format-jsoniter' could not be found in root project 'http4k'.