I could use some n00b level help. I saw the announ...
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I could use some n00b level help. I saw the announcement for 0.8.0 and decided to give it a try. However, I seem to be missing something important. More in thread:
When I run the code below (JVM), I see only a blank window, and
Hello World!
are printed to the console.
is never printed, and nothing shows up in the window. Am I missing something to get the rendering to actually start?
Using a
view { ... }
block in the app init appears to work fine. Not sure what the difference is, as
appears to be a very simple wrapper.
Views will only render if they have a non-zero size. You need to set some size to UserInfo, since it defaults to 0.
Ah, I see. So views don't automatically calculate their size bases on contents?
I guess that makes sense if everything is essentially just canvas draws. What would be the appropriate way to make this view match its size automatically?
They don't.
Also, why does the
view { ... }
block work?
TextMetrics is used for calculating the size of text. So you can compute the size upon unit in the UserInfo and set a size then. Of course you're drawing two lines, so you'd account for that in the calculation.
Work as in?
Ah, I see. Also, the block version does not appear to work for me now. I must have had a
size = display.size
in there the first time and not noticed. Thanks for the help!
(By works I meant it was showing up in the window and printing to the console)
I see. You can also set a Layout on the display to have it manage the size of the top level Views.
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