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07/14/2022, 8:26 AM
Looking in the CocoaPods plugin ("open class CocoaPodsExtension") its copyright date is 2010-2019 ! Does this mean I'm picking up an old version??? If so, how? Why?
It won't let me specify the version (in the shared module) complaining that "Plugin request for plugin already on the classpath must not include a version", and I do indeed have a version in the main build file, but it specifies the current version... ?


07/15/2022, 9:37 AM
I wouldn't put too much faith in any copyright date, who knows what template or tooling wrote that into the source file? Plus; I'm not sure the Cocoapods integration exited in 2019 let alone 2010! The fact that Gradle won't let you specify the version means that plugin was already loaded onto the classpath further up the Gradle project tree - i.e. earlier in the process.
As a result you can apply that plugin to a submodule but not opt to use a specific/different version as only one version can be loaded.
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It has probably become locked to whatever Kotlin version you opted to use.
Since the Multiplatform and CocoaPods plugins have versioning linked to the Kotlin version.


07/15/2022, 9:40 AM
Yes, that's why I wondered. I'm using Kotlin 1.7.10
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And MavenCentral GradlePluginPortal tells me there's a May 2022 version of the CocoaPods plugin