hi everyone! i have a question relating to intelli...
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hi everyone! i have a question relating to intellij and gradle integration. i have some examples in my project that are run via a main() routine (no unit test), intellij registers them as type "Kotlin" in the run configurations. i need to set some VM args for them, and would like to do directly in the gradle build file. is that possible? so far i have succeeded to create gradle tasks for all the examples, but intellij still likes to use its own run type it seems. any ideas? and sorry if this is the wrong place, i was a bit torn between posting this here or in #intellij
Set them up as tasks in Gradle how you like them, then run that Gradle tasks instead of clicking on the run icon in the gutter.
afaik IJ only uses the test tasks that are defined in the Gradle file and always creates an own Gradle task on the fly for run configurations when delegation to Gradle is enabled.