Hello :wave: I'm looking into updating `graphql-ko...
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Hello 👋 I'm looking into updating
to use new SpringBoot v3 which requires Java 17. Currently we are targeting Java 8 (same as
) but I'm just wondering - how many people here still use the lib running it on Java 8 (or 11)? (i.e. wondering whether we should just update ALL baseline to target 17 or just the Spring related modules). AFAIK there aren't any
targeting newer JVMs yet and I am unaware of any compiler optimizations either so there won't be any bytecode optimizations (yet). On the downside, it would force users to use that version of JVM (or newer) so I'm somewhat wary of that. Any thoughts? Should we keep the Java 8 target as a baseline (11 was released in Sept '18, 17 in Sept '21 and next LTS 21 is due this coming Sept)?
JDK 8 has no more active development and even 11 is going into security updates only this year. Maybe we can continue testing against 8 as it is still supported past 11, but the new baseline of the library should be bumped to 11 so that we can much easier move to 17? https://endoflife.date/java
according to New Relic's 2022 State of Java Ecosystem (April 2022) • Java 11 was used by 48.44% of apps • Java 8 46.45% • Java 17 a whooping 0.37% (not surprising as it was just 6 months after the release)
so Java 8 is still heavily used -> question is how many of
apps are still targeting Java 8 and why? (and is there a reason why they can't upgrade to 17)
if we update to target Java 17 bytecode then it means every user of the lib has to update to Java 17+ as well (folks wanting to use new Spring will be forced to anyway)
I looked into just updating the spring related modules but it is somewhat problematic as we use those modules in integration tests in other places (e.g. plugin testing). Using a combination of both 8 and 17 target would require some convoluted test setups
Just tried to update to 7.0.0-alpha.1, failed. Can not find this version in maven central.
hello 👋 yeah sadly
release failed to release (artifacts are in maven central staging - requires manual release*) *I'm no longer with Expedia so don't have creds, if I cannot get a hold of someone to manually release it, then will trigger new release (
) on Monday