Howdy Folks, While working with Kotlin-react, I ha...
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Howdy Folks, While working with Kotlin-react, I have issues implementing the react-router with the route component. I posted a stackOverflow question about it a couple hours ago and figured this might be a better platform for asking. In summary, while using the route component, I can't seem to figure out how to safely pass the element prop which requires an object of ReactNode?. I also tried calling the create method for the function component but it still does not work. Can anyone help out with implementing the react router using the browser router and router API?
Which wrappers version do you use?
To create
you can use
extension. Example
I'm using the most recent Wrapper version I think
So I tried applying the example and the error goes away. I added the first screenshot to show how the more recent update. However, I can't seem to get the aboutUs page to load
However, I can’t seem to get the aboutUs page to load
index = true
It’s Kotlin! 😜
lol yea Thanks for the help so far, I made the change but I still get the same error when trying to route to /aboutUs. Are there any alternatives to using element = Fragment.create(). Can't really seem to pinpoint where I'm going wrong
In your example wrapping with
isn’t required
element = Home.create()
For accessing
after page restart you need server routing Related issues you can find in this channel and/or in wrappers GitHub issues
ooh really? I was trying to use BrowserRouter so as to not need a Server for the routing, was under the impression that with react-router, routing can be enabled without having a backend server
I made the change but I still cant access the /aboutUs page. So I'm guessing I'm gonna have to go with a Kotlin multiplatform application with a JVM backend with the Ktor framework? it seems like overkill for a simple application tbh lol
If you are ready for hashes - no server/Ktor required
oou nice, I will check that out. Appreciate the help victor👍
FYI Current version -
Experimented with using BuildElement for adding components to the element prop and it works as a good alternative to the create but It seems I'm using it wrong. Instead I get no routes matched url error. Edit: the home page component works but the about doesnt
Appreciate the info this far, So i went back to using the .create method with the hashRouter, but the other routing components url still does not work. I believe I'm using the HashRouter correctly. Have attached screenshot below that shows the recent changes but the aboutUs component cant be triggered fo some reason
Guessing I'll have to start looking into ktor Server, guess it would be better to make another gradle project to act as jvm backend? tied kotlin multiplatform the other day and was getting errors about sl4j logging, figured its still quite experimental to use smoothly