Have an m3 dependency issue. I'm currently using:...
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Have an m3 dependency issue. I'm currently using:
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with no issues. If I update to alpha05 I start getting compile time issues related to my lifecycle lib imports:
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import androidx.lifecycle.Transformations
Unresolved reference: Transformations
Any folks from m3 team might now if there were some transitive dependencies that changed or something from alpha 4 to 5?
Did you try the Lifecycle release notes? They specifically call out the Transformations change in Lifecycle (you should have always been using the Kotlin extension syntax for Transformations in your Kotlin code)
I am ashamed because I typically read the release notes and diffs and somehow while debugging this I went and checked and I still missed it. Maybe I looked at the wrong dep? Thanks @Ian Lake!
Aren't you the guy who posts these great release note compilations? 😄
Ha, I post about non-Compose release notes. I even called out this specific change when it came out (https://androiddev.social/@ianlake/109752283570869215 and https://twitter.com/ianhlake/status/1618380697697415170)
This was in lifecycle, I only post for compose, but yes I also checked lifecycle. I must've just been tired last night.
And I follow Ian 😭
I'm going to sleep. lol
Haha sorry I meant Colton: https://kotlinlang.slack.com/archives/CJLTWPH7S/p1677112006723889 But applies to you Ian too clearly!
Yeah, Colton's release notes specifically for this channel are really good too 👍 👍
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I think the compose release notes never called out that they updated their dependencies to activity 1.7, core 1.9, and lifecycle 2.6 in 1.4-beta01. (before that the release notes did say when they updated to lifecycle 2.5.x). I try to do upgrades individually when I can in case we need to rollback it doesn't have to rollback everything, added some speedbumps into our 1.4 adoption timeline