Folks, we’re going to try out Yentabot It is a Sl...
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Folks, we’re going to try out Yentabot It is a Slackbot which answers questions by referencing the history of your Slack workspace. If you ask Yentabot a question, it looks for relevant conversations in the past and attempts to answer your question using the information it finds. Its final answer includes a link to the original discussion so that you can verify the answer and follow the full conversation. If you ask a question which has been answered by somebody before, Yentabot can find that answer. Otherwise, Yentabot will say it doesn’t know. Since it’s only referencing other things people has said, Yentabot cannot answer general-knowledge questions or perform an analysis of your Slack data. On to some practicalities! Yentabot needs to be added to a channel in order to access the history and respond to answers. Yentabot only sees history in channels it is invited to and cannot read DMs. Information Yentabot sees in one channel, will be used to answer questions in other channels. To ask a question: • @mention Yentabot like
@yentabot what is the url of our staging environment?
Or: • add the 🤖 or emoji as a reaction to a question someone asked You can leave feedback for Yentabot by adding emoji reactions to its answers or replying in a thread. Please message @Jonah Stiennon, one of the authors of Yentabot, if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions.
Otherwise, Yentabot will say it doesn’t know.
To clarify, is that only in the case where it has been mentioned explicitly, or will it reply to every single message on the channel saying it doesn't know? cc @Jonah Stiennon (in case you haven't enabled notifications for this message)
👋 suggestion -> when pinging bot from channel (not thread) would it be possible for it to reply to a message using a thread? (vs replying in channel)
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@CLOVIS Yentabot only answers if you @mention it explicitly or trigger it with the 🤖 or emoji react
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@Dariusz Kuc yes, and I can implement that and deploy it in the next couple hours!
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