# fleet

Armond Avanes

03/11/2024, 2:54 AM
I have a Compose Multiplatform project with Cocoapods dependencies and because of Cocoapods I want to change the XCode project file to launch the iOS app. I'm not sure how I can edit the Run/Debug Configuration to "iosApp" to change the project file! I've done it in Android Studio and it works flawlessly, but in Fleet, the "Edit Run Configurations..." option (under "Run" menu) is disabled and I don't know how to access those settings. Anyone can help?

Maciej Procyk

03/11/2024, 7:50 AM
Hey @Armond Avanes! You can add and edit run configs by going to some provided run config context menu and using
Edit a Copy…
option. afaik
Edit Run Configurations…
is disabled when you don't have run configs created. But also iiuc if there are multiple Xcode projects and invalid one is loaded, I think you need to wait until FL-22765 to be able to select proper one.
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