Just tried latest 2020.3 EAP and no improvement th...
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Just tried latest 2020.3 EAP and no improvement there either. Constantly red blink in the right corner signalling exception in the Kotlin plugin. Organize import duplicating the last import >50% of the times, and if I'm unlucky, it also smashes up all imports on one single line.
wow, I've never seen any of these issues. sorry to hear that 😕
wellll except for the red blink due to exceptions, I do get those 😅
Would probably be a good idea to start blinking the whole UI in red when that happens so everyone reports it instead of getting used to the constant blinking.
Never seen either of it. Also, if you use an EAP version it could pretty well be there are issues. Issues in the Kotlin integration are usually also not solved by updating IntelliJ, as the Kotlin integration is not built in but provided by the separate Kotlin plugin.