Hi All, I am new to Kotlin (have a lot of java exp...
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Hi All, I am new to Kotlin (have a lot of java exp), what is the best way to get started to master kotlin ? I am okay to buy courses etc as I need to be up and running soon as my new project demands it. will be using it for building microservices with spring and Kafka etc.
check out Kotlin Koans https://play.kotlinlang.org/koans/overview and I still like Kotlin in Action https://www.manning.com/books/kotlin-in-action (even though that does only cover Kotlin 1.3 and therefore not some more modern developments like coroutines)
thanks Stephan, will check out Koans. yeah like the book , lot of resources like Udemy courses etc are not updated for latest kotlin
The official kotlinlang website is actually really good if you have java experience. I myself found it quite brief and to the point, yet I wasn't missing anything thanks to my java background. It might be a bit harder for people without such experience though, because they don't start from the ground up.
thanks Jeffrey, yeah I came to this slack from kotlin website..its pretty amazing.
thanks Ronaldo, the coursera one looks great.. the issue with udemy one is that its not updated with latest version.
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