Hello :wave: We just released `4.0.0-rc.1` would g...
# graphql-kotlin
Hello 👋 We just released
would greatly appreciate it if you could try it out and report any issues.
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Any pointers on things to look out for if we’re upgrading from spring server 3? I noticed from casually following a lot of things have changed but excited to upgrade 🙂
I think the biggest breaking change is the package for marker operation types (i.e. query/mutation)
there was also a change to how we generate the graphql context (it is no longer run as a webfilter)
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other than that changes should be mostly internal
Oh interesting! I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for the context changes then since we have extended some of them. Thanks!
Nice, we've been using the alphas for the last few months and aside from compatibility breakage have had no issues with it. We switched early because of subscriptions, We'll be upgrading to this soon. For people looking to upgrade from v3, there have been some internal API changes, package renames, etc. We had a custom graphql context that needed a bit of work to get working with 4.x. mainly because there now is a
in addition to
. We ended up creating a default context with our own interface and then used interface delegation to be able to use the same default context in a
Using this for our web socket subscriptions is not possible because the signin is done via messages on the subscription in our case and we have no access to headers there (we had issues getting this to work via headers). This may relate to the WebFilters not working with subscriptions earlier? So this may have been fixed by now. You will likely need to do a bit of work to deal with these changes but nothing major that I can recall. Altogether, expect to spend some time dealing with this depending on what you used. If all you have is queries and mutations, the package rename for the annotations is probably the only thing to deal with.